Summer always means merry parties, noisy outdoor parties and organizing festive events. That′s why we want to offer you several options for quick, easy and delicious party snacks with our products. They will save you time and your guests will be fascinated by the vision.  How to make the perfect bruscetta read here.


• 1 loaf of baguette;

• dried oregano or basil;

• cold pressed olive oil;

• garlic /optional/;


With a sharp knife, cut the baguette into thin circles. With a pastry brush, brush the bruschetta on both sides with olive oil. If you like garlic, cut a clove and rub it nicely on one side of the bruschetta. Then we sprinkle each side with oregano or basil / according to your preference/. You can bake them in two ways:

–  in a heated frying pan without fat and at a medium temperature, put the slices, roasting them on both sides until golden, or heat the oven to 230 degrees and arrange the bruschettas on the highest possible rack on baking paper. Wait for them to acquire a brownish – golden color.

Immediately after removing them, they are sprinkled with the previosly prepared and cooled topping or with some of the products that we can offer you from our wide assortiment.

– bruschetta with “Katak with roasted pepper” – appetizing combination, in which when spreading the hot bruschetta, the cheese will melt slightly and give the bruschetta an even more delicate taste;

– bruschetta with “Tyro”;

– bruschetta with “Apetitka” – for fans of the slightly spicy taste;

And the perfect combination – bruschetta with caviar. We can offer five extremely appetiting and delicate types of caviar to make your perfect bruschetta – natural caviar, caviar with dill and garlic, caviar with olives, caviar with black pearls and caviar with smoked salmon.

We leave the arrangement and decoration to your imagination.