It is recommended that cabbage should be regularly present on your menu. It is rich in fibres, vit. A, vit. C, water. It also has a very high concentration of cancer-fighting glucosinolates, to which it owes its specific taste. In order to obtain the maximum benefit from the cabbage, it should be consumed in a raw state. In our assortiment of Appetito salads, you can find several salads which will help you rediscover the fresh taste of the white cabbage. Follow the links for more detailed information.




This root vegetable is extremely rich in vit. K. This is an essential fat-soluble vitamin, which is very valuable in the healing of wounds and bone growth. Its shortage results in nose-bleeding and problems with the coagulation of blood. The regular consumption of turnip has proven effective in the prevention of lung cancer and prostate cancer. The intake of this seemingly plain-looking vegetable detoxifies the body along two lines – vit. C neutralizes the free radicals, while the rich fibre content stimulates the excretory system for more effective evacuation of harmful substances and toxins from the body.



Red beet is rich in betaine, which strengthens the heart and liver, fights inflammation and maintains cholesterol levels within the norm. Many athletes rely on the properties of the red beet. Research shows that its nutrients fight fatigue and increase the body’s energy levels. The pigments, which colour the urine after consumption of red beet, are the substances responsible for increasing your body’s stamina and strength. You can review the salads containing red beet, which we can offer, here.