The production facilities of Uniface EOOD is located in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa in a communicative and easily accessed location for our partners, clients and suppliers. The company site comprises an office part, a company shop, and production facilities.

At our company shop, you can find all the products from our portfolio, or file an order for a product that you desire to be present at your event or your festive table. You will find the service here fast, efficient and punctual.


The success of any activity is dubious and uncertain, unless it is started with a clear idea, the right plan, and practical actions. All this requires a highly qualified, ambitious and loyal team of employees. Throughout all the years of hard work, and behind every small step towards success, the company has relied on its employees, who have constantly proven their qualities and professionalism. At every stage of the administrative activities, from the direct communication with the clients, the input and processing of information, the timely and accurate forwarding to the responsible unit, Uniface EOOD has relied on employees with a responsible attitude to the work process and a clear ability to work in a team.


Every little box of salad on the shelf of a supermarket, or the HoReCa packaging at the deli counter is backed by the labour of nearly seventy highly-qualified employees engaged in the administrative or production process. With the help of state-of-the-art production equipment compliant with the latest standards in food quality and safety, we have the pleasure of consuming the “Appetito” branded products, which are both delicious and with guaranteed safety. This is not a short process and it passes through several stages, each one of them implemented in strict compliance with the developed and fail-safe in-house work standards. The selection, the adequate receipt and storage of the raw materials is just the beginning. The storage facilities are in strict compliance with the requirements to warrant the preservation of the freshness and nutritional value of the ingredients. Their initial processing is performed in highly sanitized and modernly equipped premises. The monitoring of the sanitation and technological maintenance of the machines is done on a regular basis, to guarantee that the input materials are in compliance with all the requirements and are ready to move to the next stage in the  production.

The production facility has state-of-the-art convection ovens and deep-friers to do the thermal processing of the salads.After going through all the stages from receipt and processing of the raw materials to transforming them into a final product, next comes the packaging stage. This is done on separate premises, equipped with dosing machines, vacuum machines and modern packaging lines. The packaging and labelling technology guarantees that, upon proper transportation and storage, the salads will preserve their freshness and nutritional value within the indicated time period. At the final stage of the production process, and of key importance for the correct distribution of the goods in accordance with the submitted orders, is the role of shipment. This is a unit which, with the help of high-tech software, strictly follows the batches, groups and organizes the ready products into transportation lines.

Since the set-up of the company to this day, the delivery to all sites and partners has been accomplished through our own network of distributors. The direct communication with the customer, the strict control from the production line to the shelf in the retail store, and the transportation within the right temperature range form the foundation of our success. Our long years of practice have proven this, and so fleet care is daily and uncompromising – perfect sanitation of the transportation vehicles, technical maintenance and regular preventive maintenance of all our transportation vehicles. The fleet is renewed each year with new vehicles which are equipped with all the necessary amenities for the distributors, along with refrigerating chambers guaranteeing that the right temperature range is maintained throughout the transportation of the products.

When quality matters ......!