Tomato is a fruit according to botany, but in cooking everyone considers it in the group of vegetables. In the past, people thought they were poisonous because of their bright red color. There are 5000 different varieties and they are one of the richest sources of vitamins A and vit B.

Mushrooms are a separate kingdom from animals and plants. They do not need sunlight to live, as they serve to decompose organic matter. They are the only source of vitamin B12. The largest organism on earth is a fungus. It covers an area of 9.7square kilometers.

Eggplant in Italy is called a “Crazy apple”. There people believe that excessive consumption can lead to insanity. It is the most ancient food plant and the antioxidants in it help the body fight all kinds of inflammation.

Beetroot is a better remedy for hangover cure than triple soup. It can successfully replace hair dye if you have blond hair and want to give it a red color. Beets contain betaine a substance used to treat depression. Beet juice can be used as a litmus test. When added to an acidic solution in turns pink, and to alkaline the juice turns yellow.

Carrots have this deep orange color thanks to beta-carotene. If you overeat carrots your skin may turn orange. In the past delicious carrots were white, purple, red and yellow, but never orange.

Vegetables play a very important role in human nutrition. They are a diverse group with different nutritional properties. Some are rich in starch, others contain protein, but all without exception are rich in vitamins minerals and trace elements necessary for good health. Vegetables regulate the activity of the digestive and nervous systems, the endocrine system. Regular consumption increases a person′s energy and the phytoncides contained in them cure a number of diseases of bactericidal origin or……